Videos from the Dr Robert Dixon Animal Welfare Memorial Symposia

Animal Welfare & Ethics Symposium 2015


Addressing Animal Welfare Issues - John Webster

Measuring Animal Welfare - Raf Freire

How can vets contribute to national animal welfare issues? - Rosemary Elliott

The Animal Protection Movement - Clive Phillips

Veterinary Positions on Ethical Issues - Alex Burleigh

Ethical Dilemmas in Companion Animal Practice - Anne Fawcett & Chris Degeling

Is there room for welfare improvements in live animal export? - Andrew Fisher

Live Exports - Sue Foster

Wild Horse Management - Kevin Stafford

Can we redefine, reduce or replace the use of animals in veterinary teaching? - Teresa Collins

Vetting and Betting: Conflict of Interest - Susan Hazel

What's all the fuss about captive marine mammals - Janice Lloyd