Reflection Tool

Welcome to our questionnaire which is exploring Attitudes to Animal Sentience. This questionnaire is primarily designed to be used as a tool for you to track and reflect on your Attitudes to Animal Sentience. 

In addition, we would like the opportunity to analyse the responses to the questionnaire to gain an understanding of the development of Attitudes to Animal Sentience. We would be most grateful if you would tick the consent box below allowing us to use your responses for our research.

The questionnaire should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete and your answers will remain anonymous. 

For further information about this survey view the Participant Information Sheet.

This questionnaire is based on the work of Drs Liz Paul and Anthony Podberscek: Paul, E. S. and Podberscek, A. L. 2000. Veterinary education and students' attitudes towards animal welfare. Veterinary Record 146: 269–272.